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1-DAY training in EMOTION EFFICACY THERAPY (EET) 7 CEs available

  • New Harbinger Publications 5720 Shattuck Avenue Oakland, CA, 94609 United States (map)

One of the greatest superpowers we can offer clients is the ability to develop powerful relationships with their emotions. How people relate to their emotions day to day—and even more in life-defining moments—determines the choices they make, especially in the face of stress and distress. Ultimately these moments of choice become habits and patterns that determine the course of their lives.

Come join Dr. Aprilia West and Dr. Matthew McKay for a 1-day training in Emotion Efficacy Therapy;

The emotion efficacy therapy (EET) protocol helps people develop a more powerful and contextually-adaptive relationship with their emotions and gives them the skills to navigate them so they can stay connected to what matters. Blending ACT, DBT, and exposure therapy into an 8-week treatment, EET provides psychoeducation, concrete mindfulness and coping, as well as skills and exposure practice so that clients not only learn what to do differently, but how.. Clinicians and coaches can deliver the EET protocol in a group or individual format. 

EET will help clients:

  • Increase their Emotion Awareness so they can observe all parts of emotional experience.

  • Practice Mindful Acceptance to surf emotion waves until they resolve or until they can access their values.

  • Identify what matters most and choose Values-Based Action instead of acting on their emotions when they are stressed or distressed.

  • When necessary, use Mindful Coping to further downshift to regulate emotions, tolerate distress, or access their values-based action.

  • Practice using all EET skills in an activated state with structured exposure-based skills practice.